Jonathan Wilkinson Receives National Environmental Endorsement from GreenPAC


For Immediate Release
October 7, 2019

North Vancouver — GreenPAC announced today it is endorsing North Vancouver Liberal candidate Jonathan Wilkinson as one of its environmental champions. GreenPAC has now endorsed a total of just 26 candidates drawn from the four major parties across Canada. 

GreenPAC selects candidates for endorsement based on track records of environmental leadership. The list is the result of significant outreach and consultation with  political parties, supporters, environmental organizations, sustainability experts, members of the public and a wide range of other groups.  

Jonathan Wilkinson is the only North Vancouver candidate, and one of only two candidates in the entire Lower Mainland, to receive this endorsement.

“I’m honoured to be recognized by a leading national environmental organization like GreenPAC, which conducts extensive research on candidates’ environmental track records as part of its selection process. GreenPAC recognizes that in order to effectively advance climate action and environmental protection, words aren’t enough — you have to demonstrate real leadership and an ability to get things done,” said Jonathan Wilkinson.

“Climate change, the protection of wild spaces, the protection of species at risk and other environmental issues are fundamentally important in ensuring a better future for our children. I have worked to be a strong advocate for North Vancouver, British Columbia and Canada when it comes to Canada’s fight against climate change, our successful approach to the protection of wild spaces, the development of Canada’s clean technology strategy, species at risk protection, the development of an effective plastics strategy and other issues. There is much more work to be done, and if re-elected, I will continue to make environmental sustainability a top priority.”

Jonathan was selected as a result of the work that he has done across a broad range of environmental files, including the development of Canada’s first national climate plan, the development of a clean technology strategy, the protection of marine and terrestrial wild spaces, the protection of species at risk, the development of Canada’s new Sustainable Development Strategy and the successful passage of a new and improved Fisheries Act

In addition to the GreenPAC endorsement, Jonathan recently received 14 personal endorsements from individual environmental leaders and clean technology champions. 

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Director of Communications – Team Jonathan