About Team Wilkinson


Team Wilkinson volunteers engage with the North Vancouver community by:

  • Coordinating, publicizing and attending local Liberal Party of Canada events
  • Participating in fundraising activities
  • Listening to resident's concerns through telephone and doorstep conversations
  • Developing policy positions for Liberal Party of Canada consideration 
  • Participating on committees (Policy, Communications, Events, Organization, Fundraising)
  • Spreading the word about the importance of civic engagement

We’re a warm and welcoming group of volunteers and always on the look-out for community-minded, enthusiastic people who want to make a difference and help Jonathan stay in touch with local concerns. Contact us to learn more about how you can make a contribution to our community while having fun in the process! 

About the North Vancouver EDA

The mandate of the North Vancouver Electoral District Association (also known as the North Vancouver Federal Liberal Riding Association) is to represent the interests of all North Vancouver residents whose issues and ideas make this riding a better place to live, work and play.

The EDA objectives are:

  • To promote Liberal principles and policies;
  • To provide a forum for communication with the Liberal Party of Canada and our members;
  • To elect, promote, and assist Liberal Members of Parliament;
  • To adhere to the Constitution of the Liberal Party of Canada;
  • To organize the electoral district for the Liberal Party of Canada;
  • To inspire others to get involved in the political process;
  • And to have fun.

This website is managed by the North Vancouver EDA and is used to allow community members to easily communicate with the Riding Association and learn more about our organization and what events and volunteer opportunities are available that might be of interest.

Memberships, volunteering to support Jonathan, and fundraising are all important features of the work Liberals do as we prepare for the next election.

Donations of time, funds, and expertise are always welcome.

North Vancouver (Federal Electoral District)