EDA Executive Team

At the EDA Annual General Meeting on May 5th, 2018, the EDA membership elected it’s 2018-2019 Executive

Derrick Johnstone, Chair
Stephan Kolper, Vice Chair
Norma Wieland, Secretary
Murray Campbell, Treasurer
Kimberley Anthony, Past President
Duncan Frostick, Organization Chair
Karin Kirkpatrick, Fundraising Chair
Jared Girman, Communications Chair
Lynne Charbonneau, Events
Erin White, Events
Simon Bower, Comm. Rep: Young Liberals

The Hon. Jonathan Wilkinson, MP
John Whyte, Director at Large
Don Bell, Director at Large
Joanne Barker, Director at Large
Hesam Deihimi, Director at Large
Nazim Murji, Director at Large
Nada Bayloun, Director at Large
Steve Baldwin, Member at Large
Ken Kramer, Member at Large
Brittany Barnes, Member at Large
Karen Fraser, Member at Large